Eat them Up

Vegetables are a good source of fiber, vitamins and minerals. Due to this reason, many parents understand that they are very important in their children’s diet. It is unfortunately very difficult for some parents to get their kids to eat vegetables on a regular basis. I had problems feeding my youngest son with vegetables and had to use some tips, which worked out very well for me.

Practice what you preach

mother and daughter eating vegetables

If you are eating vegetables yourself, you can influence your kids to do the same. If you feed your children different things from what you eat, it is going to be hard to make them like them. Be a good role model because you are very influential to your kids.

Start feeding the children with vegetables early

You cannot teach an old dog new tricks. Get the children used to the texture and taste of vegetables as early as they start feeding on solid foods, it is much easier than when you start later on. It also helps the kids to eat healthily in the long run. It does not mean that it is going to be impossible when you start later on; it is only going to be harder.

Mix vegetables with the foods that your child already likes

kids eating breakfast

Some kids refuse to eat foods that are mixed together while others like seeing food mixed together at times, it is however good to try. On the first trial, you should keep the vegetables you are mixing in small quantities. You should also make your kid aware that you are mixing it all together and that is how you are serving it for the family.

Feed them raw vegetables sometimes

Some vegetables such as carrots and celery can be served raw. Some kids would prefer their crunchy texture much more than when they are cooked.

Dips are good. They work like magic

Giving low-fat salad dressing, salsa, hummus and yogurt based dressing can make your kid eat vegetables. Dips also help in masking the strong taste of the vegetables for the kids. As much as we want the kids to learn to eat the vegetables alone, masking them will help them reach there.

Try as many varieties of vegetables as possible

Start by providing small servings at first. Bear in mind that kids who are picky eaters cannot try out a new vegetable until they have seen it on their plate ten or more times. Children also have a phobia to new foods.

Cook with the kids often

family cooking together

Children become more interested in eating what they have prepared. Involving them in preparing or choosing meals is very important. Take them with you to the market to buy vegetables, allow them to choose for you. You can also allow them to cut up the vegetables and mix them in the salad if they are old enough.

Adopt and enforce the one bite rule

Compel the child to take at least one bite of the food each time it is served. They are more likely to accept the food the more they are exposed to it. Never allow the child to refuse the food completely. With time they will eventually end up accepting the food more.

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Looking for More Comfort

Comfort is crucial when you want to enjoy good, high-quality sleep. A good mattress enhances the quality of your sleep but just like any other product, as time goes by, most of the mattresses will lose their firmness. This lowers the quality of your sleep since they cease being comfortable.

Considering the daily strains that you go through at work, you deserve to have a good night’s sleep. However, this can only happen if all the conditions are right, and the mattress is one of the conditions. Sometimes, the mattress could be firm enough, but some issues could persist, for example, when you lie on it, it could make your skin all itchy and irritating. Sometimes, it could be that you need a little extra firmness or softness. If you toss a lot at night, then that means you need a good topper for your mattress.

When it reaches such a time when you start feeling more tired than relaxed when you wake up in the morning, just know it is time to look for a remedy. Thankfully, the market teems with products designed to make your bedtime very comfortable. If you are looking for bedtime products recommended for women, you will find them easily… anything to make your nights comfortable.

Instead of buying a new mattress, which is a pricey investment, by the way, get a good topper for your mattress. This can enhance your comfort to the point of feeling as if you are sleeping on a new mattress. Like in my case, I knew my husband was comfortable in our bed but I was not.

A friend recommended I get a mattress topper, as it would make the bed more comfortable for me and it surely did. However, I did not order one straight away. I usually like going through a few reviews to know whether the product has served other people well. Thankfully, I landed on where I got plenty of information about this.

My search a good memory foam mattress topper stopped with the two that I have reviewed below:

LUCID 3-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

LUCID 3-inch

The LUCID 3-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper is made from high-quality gel-infused and ventilated memory foam. This makes it one of the best, high-quality mattress toppers on the market and it comes at a reasonable price.

This mattress topper is very soft and ultra comfortable. The open-cell technology delivers incredible ventilation that enhances the airflow enabling you to enjoy a comfortable sleep time. This is because it does not retain heat when sleeping on it ensuring that remain cool and fresh throughout your sleep.

The gel infused in the memory foam conforms to the natural shape of your body enhancing your comfort while regulating the temperature providing some warmth during winter and coolness during summer.

The toppers level of support is adequately ensuring that you do not suffer from back, neck, shoulder and hips pain. It is also a hypoallergenic resisting invasion of dust mites and other allergens and thus ideal for everyone including the people who suffer from allergies.


Great ventilation


Durable construction

Very comfortable


Might not be very supportive for some

Best Price Mattress Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Best Price

The Best Price Mattress 4-Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper is designed to provide you with superior comfort courtesy of the soft but supportive memory foam. This topper conforms to the shape of your body relieving stress on the crucial pressure points.

This topper features a double layer design where the first layer is made of high-density foam and the second layer of high-quality memory foam. The combination makes this topper very comfortable and supportive so that wake up every morning feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

This memory foam topper features an active suspension that minimizes motion resulting into a calm and more relaxed sleep regardless of your sleeping pattern. The topper also comes with a polyester mesh cover with a zipper, which provides a convenient casing adding more value to the topper. The topper also comes with a 5-year warranty, and this shows you that its quality is not compromised. You can see how much confidence the manufacturer has in this product. You can also see more information about this topper in places like



Durable construction

Great support

Active suspension


Tends to lose its shape after prolonged use

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Improving Your Mattress

A couple of months ago, I was not enjoying my sleep because of my mattress. I rolled, tossed and turned and my husband slept through it all. However, after getting a mattress topper for my mattress, my sleep has greatly improved since it has enhanced the comfort on our mattress.

The market is rich with all manner of mattress toppers and distinguishing the best from mediocre can be quite hard. Eventually, the kind of a topper that each person chooses is mostly influenced by his or her personal choice and preference. However, there are some tips that you can use when buying your topper so that you can find your own comfort for tonight.

Here are some of my best tips:

The Material

man demonstrating quality of mattress

The material making the topper is a crucial consideration because it essentially affects all the other factors such as comfort, breathability and durability among others. This means that it is the most important factor to consider when you go to buy your mattress topper.

Below are the major materials that are used to make mattress toppers and their pros and cons.

Latex toppers – Latex toppers are incredibly durable and allergens resistant. The only downsides of such toppers are that they are not aesthetically pleasing and are quite expensive.

Cotton toppers – Cotton toppers are highly breathable, hypoallergenic and they are machine washable. However, they are not very durable as they wear down quickly after constant use.

Woolen toppers – Woolen toppers are very warm, making them ideal to use in the cold seasons. They are highly durable and resistant to allergens. However, they are very expensive.

Featherbed toppers – These toppers are soft, light in weight, durable and comfortable. They are also naturally heat regulating, keeping you cool and fresh during summer and warmer when it is cold.

Memory foam toppers – These toppers are very comfortable since they conform to the natural shape of your body. They are long lasting too. However, they are less breathable thus accumulating more body heat, which tends to compromise the comfort especially when it is hot.


Some mattress toppers have a strong unpleasant chemical odor when they are new. The odor, however, diminishes with time. If you are the sensitive type that cannot be able to tolerate the odor for a few weeks, it is highly recommended that you get a topper that does not smell at all. Alternatively, to enable your topper to stop having the strong odor much quickly, you can leave it in a place with a lot of airflow for some days.

The perfect fit

Happy woman laying on bed

To ensure that you do not go to the market and come back with a topper that will not fit your mattress, make sure that you are certain about the size of your mattress first before making your choice. You would rather actually buy a bigger topper since you can be able to reduce it to a smaller size. If you buy a smaller topper than your mattress, it will not only look funny on your mattress but it will also compromise your comfort.


Some toppers tend to move about on the mattress especially if they have a smooth surface and again, toppers are not fixed onto the mattress. To alleviate this, a more textured topper will have more stability on the mattress as compared to the very smooth ones and you can have a refreshing nap. An anti-slip topper or mattress cover can help to reduce the topper’s mobility.

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Aloha and Welcome

Hawaii Behavioral Health (HBH) is a leading regional resource for high quality community-based educational, social and behavioral health services for children, adolescents, and families throughout the State of Hawaii.

Since 1993 HBH’s vision has been to develop a flexible system of integrated services to meet the on-going needs of Hawaii’s youth and families through innovative, culturally relevant, best practice approaches.  Our service continuum  includes behavioral instructional and paraprofessional support services, behavioral health intervention services, services through Early Intervention programs, psychological assessments, individual and family therapy, intensive home-based services, therapeutic foster care, Multidimensional Treatment Foster Care, foster/adoptive parent training, certification and approval along with experience in hospital management, adolescent day treatment, case management/care coordination, therapeutic aide and biopsychosocial rehabilitative services and seminars on the best way to start a diet.

Our team of dedicated staff lives our mission of improving the health status of the children and families of Hawaii by demonstrating EXCELLENCE in the delivery of all of our services.

There is a Hawaiian saying:  ” A’ohe hana nui ka alu’ia”  roughly translated as no task is too big when done together.  Our legacy evolves each and every day in the countless successes both large and small that we facilitate working together as a team in the lives of the hundreds of children and families we serve.  Together we nurture the potential and uniqueness of every youth we serve with the belief that each and every one has a special gift to offer to their community.

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